Chec Consulting

About Us

Chec Consulting, the premier technical consulting organization at UC Berkeley, provides pro-bono professional technical consulting to startups and established industry leaders. Our organization serves to facilitate an environment in which students can grow professionally while gaining valuable experience in technical consulting.

Our Mission

Design, Innovate and Improve 

Chec Consulting provides an interface for our consultants to bridge theory and practice with valuable real world experience in solving problems alongside professional industry leaders. Our consultants bring fresh perspectives and detailed research to the table, ensuring great value for both its client and member.

Our Approach

Our team members are selectively handpicked and trained with the expertise surrounding your specific project to make a true difference in all our projects.

Chec undertakes 2-3 projects each semester and each project consists of two project managers along with five to six analysts, and one senior advisor.

Our Technical Expertise

We offer technical consultation services in any STEM field. Our wide range of expertise allows us to take on projects ranging from micro-pollutant particle modeling to biological kinetics characterization. Chec Consultants will tackle any challenging problem and create in-depth analytical solutions just for you.