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About Us

Founded in 2015, Chec Consulting is the premier technical consulting student organization at UC Berkeley. Our experienced consultants have a variety of STEM backgrounds, including chemical engineering, bioengineering, chemistry, computer science, and data visualization. Our organization provides pro-bono professional technical consulting to up-and-coming startups and established industry leaders.

Technical Expertise

We offer technical consultation services in any STEM field. Our wide range of expertise allows us to take on projects ranging from micro-pollutant particle modeling to biological kinetics characterization. Chec consultants will tackle any challenging problem and create in-depth analytical solutions just for you.

Process Optimisation

Our consultants work with simulation software such as ASPENplus, COMSOL, and Simulink to model pilot-plant and industry-scale processes. Our teams also offer expertise in cost analysis and implementation processes.

Prototype Design

Chec Consulting offers services in prototype design and CAD modeling. Our consultants are experienced in a variety prototyping software including AutoCAD and Solidworks. Projects can start from scratch or build on a previous iteration.


Hawkwood Biotech

ChEC worked with Hawkwood Biotech in 2018-2019 to design separation methods for product streams of a large batch reactor by modelling the system with capital and operating cost optimizations. The goal of these analyses is ultimately to revolutionize the way basic chemical products are made.

noble thermodynamics

ChEC worked with Cylcotron Road's Noble Thermodynamics in 2018-2019 to design a condenser for an Argon powered cycle system with the goal of recycling high purity water and removing toxic waste gases. This analysis was done with varying gas and contaminant compositions to optimize their system’s productivity.


Chec worked on technoeconomic modeling for scale up of Visolis' novel process through modeling potential sizes for scale up and researching costs associated with producing 2 platform products, while taking into account several parameters, including sensitivity of reactions, costs of reactants and products, yield, etc.


Chec worked with London based product management company, Everycs, in Spring 2018 to update processes on their Global Industrial Product Database, Makersite, as well as create and develop the next generational tools to enhance productivity and streamline product design. Chec consultants transformed theoretical data on chemical production into practical applications within the industry and report them through their database. Chec used patents as a primary source of information to model the process of synthesis for a list of organic chemicals widely used throughout the industry, and provided data analysis for companies to understand the cost, compliance, and environmental impact associated with the chemicals in their products. Chec also created a database of over 1000 compiled chemicals and usages to help transform and modernize the process of chemical synthesis. By doing so, Chec helps to protect the environment, customers, and workers from hazardous formularies through establishing and maintaining a sophisticated chemical regulatory environment. In Fall 2018, Chec continued to create systems for chemical classification in applications of environmental and manufacturing regulations in addition to developing approaches for the suggestion of alternative components within product design.


Chec worked with Miami-based startup Kytaro in Fall 2017. Kytaro has developed same-day pathogen detection systems that fills an unmet need in the food industry. We designed a flow device that optimizes capture rate for this pathogen and tumor cell detection. Our team modeled flow volumes of differing geometries in COMSOL to maximize reaction yield. This is relevant to blood borne pathogen detection and extraction for therapy as well as detection of pathogens in food supply.

DOW Wetlands

Chec worked with Dow Chemical Company in 2015 to help revive an endangered ecosystem at a local Dow Wetlands Preserve. Chec members designed an irrigation system including proposed pump system, piping layout, and energy source. Chec also conducted a financial analysis of the overall proposal. This founding project motivated the formation of Chec Consulting. Our initial team included chemical engineers, chemists, materials engineers and other STEM majors.


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Rohit Rungta
External Vice President
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Internal Vice President
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Media Director